The University of Essex Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies is recognised internationally as one of the leading centres for work that focuses on the role of the unconscious mind in mental health as well as in culture and society generally. They are now seeking to appoint a Lecturer in the field of Psychoanalytic Studies.  

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Listen to the BBC Radio 4 coverage of the joint BPC & UKCP survey on quality psychotherapy services in the NHS, published earlier this year here

Service user Louisa, shares her experience of psychotherapy services, both in the NHS and privately, poignantly describing lower intensity treatments as a sticking plaster over a deep wound and that psychoanalysis gave her a language for the things that she couldn't speak of before.

BPC Trainee (WPF Therapy) Mark Vernon, along with Madeleine Bunting, Alastair Campbell; scientist Susan Greenfield, and historian Jennifer Michael Hecht - make The Case for Doubt - the idea that political, religious, and scientific doubt, even self-doubt, though sometimes troubling, is much more useful and valuable than fixed opinions and beliefs.

First broadcast on BBC Radio 3

All proceeds go to the Camden Psychotherapy Unit

It’s the magic of Hogwart’s versus the wizardry of former England nationals—teaming up to help preserve an essential London service.

All on the hallowed grounds of Lord’s.

BBC Radio 4

'Claudia Hammond reflects on the enduring impact of Anna Freud's approach. By insisting on observation in her nurseries, she promoted the understanding of the child's perspective. Her continuing legacy can be seen in the way children are cared for in hospital and within the legal system today.

The Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy NOW conference will once again feature an awards ceremony to celebrate achievements in the psychoanalytic community, this year we will be seeking nominations for the following awards:

Innovative Excellence: This award celebrates a striking example of ground-breaking work. The innovative nature of the work can be in terms of clinical practice, research, or socially inclusive practice, such as working with selections of the community who may traditionally find access to therapeutic treatment difficult.

The provisional programme for the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy NOW conference has now been finalised. We are excited to now be able to release the complete list of speakers, chairs and workshop facilitators.

PP NOW takes place on Saturday. It's preceded by our special Friday evening lecture, presented by Iain McGilchrist. Bookings are now open, and registration and venue details can be found here:

The Psychotherapy Foundation

This has been a long gestation and a difficult labour, but the baby is doing well. The merger of the Association of Psychotherapists (BAP), the London Centre for Psychotherapy (LCP) and the Lincoln Clinic and Centre for Psychotherapy  (Lincoln)was completed and a new organisation, the Psychotherapy Foundation, was formally established.  

The Centre for Workforce Intelligence has recognised psychological therapies as effective treatments for a wide range of mental health needs and welcomes the publication of the review of the psychological therapy workforce.  

The CfWI was formed following a review of the future of the NHS workforce. Its review recommended that the required standard for a psychological therapist is:

Statements on reparative therapy and sexual orientation

Leading UK psychology, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy organisations' statements on reparative therapy and sexual orientation

The leading organisations in the UK for psychology, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy all have issued statements either opposing discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or opposing 'reparative' or 'conversion' therapy.